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Underground Puzzle Parking System

The Underground Puzzle Parking System in India has three levels (-1+2 type) in which one level is underground and the other two levels are on the ground. In the middle level there is one space for exchanging. This makes the top and bottom level available which can be lifted up and down. The middle level is at the ground level hence the cars can be retrieved from the ground level. But while parking or retrieving a car from the top or bottom level, the corresponding parking space is designed to slide away to empty one lifting passage. This lifts up the parking space from the top or bottom level to the ground level. When the parking space is lifted down to the ground, the car can be parked or retrieved easily.

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Technical Specification
No of levels -2 + 4 levels
Driving mode Hydraulic/ motor + steel rope/ motor + chain
Car Size (LxWxH) 5000*1850*1550 mm
5000*1850*2050 mm
Car Weight ≤2500 kg; recommended ≤2000kg
Lifting Motor Power:- 5.5 KW
Speed:- 8-12 m/min
Sliding Motor Power:- 0.2 KW
Speed:- 7.5 m/min
Safeguard devices Anti-falling frame, anti-collision device, Anti-overload device
Malfunction indication Fault diagnosis by computer, LCD display warning
Parts surface treatment Galvanized treatment and high grade anti-corrosion paint
Modes of operation Swiping card/Manual button operation


Underground Puzzle Parking System, Pune