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Pit Type Car Parking System

The Pit Type Car Parking System is designed for places with space constraints working towards maximum utilization of space. The system can be designed as -1+1, -2+1, -3+1 in which 1,2,3 cars are underground in a pit and 1 car is at ground level. The system is operated hydraulically and can be moved up and down as a single unit. The structure is supported by four posts making it strong and durable.

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Technical Specification
Weight of Car ≤2000 kg
Size of car (LxWxH) 5000mm x 1850 mm x 1550 mm
Driving mechanism Motor & chain; Hydraulic (optional)
Motor power 3.7 KW
Motor lifting speed 2.5 m/min
Power supply 3 phase
Car platform Standard Unibody Steel Plate
Surface treatment Powder coating or Hot galvanizing
Mode of operation Manual Buttons, Keys, IC card, Touch screen
Water proof rate IP65 & IP55


4 pit type car parking system diagram, Jharkhand