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Four Post Car Parking Lift

The Four Post Car Parking Lift is suitable for parking heavy duty vehicles (~3200 kg) such as SUV’s as well as sedans. It is reliable and sturdy and is operated using hydraulic cylinders and steel cables. The lift can be easily installed and used outdoors.

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Dimensional Specification
Item No. Lifting Capacity
  • Lifting Height
  • Width Between Posts
  • Width Between Runways
  • Rise/Drop time
  • Power
  • FPCP- 1 3700kg 1800mm 2263mm 956mm 60S/50S 2.2kw
    FPCP- 2 3700kgs 1900mm 2263mm 956mm 60S/50S 2.2kw
    FPCP-3 3700kgs 2000mm 2441mm 1134mm 60S/50S 2.2kw


    Four Post Car Parking Lift Diagram Delhi