Using mechanized parking to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution


Many cities in India are facing the problem of traffic congestion due to illegal parking of vehicles on roads. In cities like Mumbai and Bangalore households now have two or even three cars whereas the road infrastructure remains as it was 30 years back, narrow and restrictive.

According to expert opinion (Don H. Pickrell, Chief Economist at D.O.T, Volpe Institute, Cambridge, MIT) research shows that 50 % of traffic in typical business centers of the city is simply on the road, looking around for vacant and convenient parking spaces.

Cruising around looking for parking and also being stuck in traffic contribute considerably to air pollution, which poses as a major health hazard.

Our systems are eco-friendly and help in developing greener cities in the following ways:-
• Using up to 50 % less space compared to conventional systems to park the same number of cars.
• Reducing the traffic congestion and accompanying pollution of people driving around and around looking for a safe, convenient place to park.